What You Should do After Registering Your Domain Name for your hosting website

26 Jul , 2017 Blog

What You Should do After Registering Your Domain Name for your hosting website

Nowadays, coming up with a domain name is a daunting task. Why? Because when you try the domain name search availability, you’re likely to be met with tags like ‘’expired domain’’ or ‘’domain name already taken.’’ So this will prompt you to go deep into research or tweak the name a little bit until you find one that synchronizes with your business. The big question, however, is: What is the next step after registering your preferred domain name? Well, here are various options you can take:

  1. Customized your email address using the new generation domain name

As an entrepreneur, you want to beat the cutthroat competition, and you want to stay ahead of the queue as long as possible. Branding your business and creating a strong recall value is one of the strategies you can use to achieve this. Simply customize your emails using the domain name. As business owner, you’re likely sending multiple emails to prospective customers every day, so customizing your email addresses with your domain name will enhance the recall value of your business and contribute to high conversions. As a professional, you should stay away from the traditional Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail email addresses.

  1. Create hosting website that’s tethered to your domain name

A bigger percentage of those who register domain names have a website in mind. A domain name is the skeleton of any website. To create a website, you need a domain name, hosting service and a platform like WordPress or Blogger. Building a website is easy if you have the skills, but if you don’t, you can hire a skilled web designer to set it up for you. A website solidifies your offline business’s online presence, gives you space to share your contacts online with prospective customers, showcases the description of services, a portfolio of your incredible work and customer reviews about your products and services.

  1. Create an eCommerce hosting website that’s tethered to your domain name

With a domain name, you can create an eCommerce store to sell your products online. With an online store customized with your own domain name, you can post your products, sell them effortlessly, collect your payments conveniently, and manage your inventory in a single platform. These days, you can create your online store on platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce yourself and start selling right away.

  1. Put your domain name up for sale

Many weird things happen in life. You could have registered a domain name today and the next hour or day, a new remarkable domain name idea hits you. You can easily put up the first domain name for sale and register the one that pleases you. To easily sell your domain name, place it on aftermarket sites that sell on your behalf and take a small percentage out of it. Its way better than letting the domain name sit there doing nothing.

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