Five Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

26 Jul , 2017 Blog

Five Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

With so many domain names that are no longer available and since creating a new one or finding the right one requires research, creativity and a lot more. Choosing the perfect domain name became a long and tedious process.

Having a great domain name won’t simply your business, and the opposite won’t break it. Nowadays focusing on search engine can make people reach your site in many ways.

Keyword Relevance

Beginners should have a domain name which is similar to their business. However, a more generic domain name would bring more traffic for worldwide searches through introducing new potential clients to their business and website. A relevant domain using keywords will be beneficial in the search results.

Brandable Domains

There are some Brandable domains that were created and proved to be great successes. Creating them requires a very special sense of brand. Brandable names are based on finding something which is easy to pronounce and which will be strong and recognizable representation of your brand.


It’s one of the important things about a domain name, because people will easily remember short names which seem more professional and better looking in the print ads. Don’t search for a 3 letters domain, you won’t find it coz they’re all taken, but try to play all of your cards to get a short domain name. Since single word domains are rare, the 2-word ones are the next best option. Consider the hyphenation as a tool to get a domain name that is taken without a hyphen, even if it is not ideal.


For a business, a “.com” domain is the most desirable coz it’s the most recognized one. People who remember your domain often think that it is a “.com” unless they are sure that it’s otherwise. The “.net” domains are dedicated for companies based on Internet businesses, it’s often considered when as an alternative when “.com” is not available anymore. The most common domain for the organizations and non-profit is the “.org”. “.biz” and “.info” are also popular comparing to other extensions, but they are not as recognizable as the top three extensions listed before.

Choosing an extension depends on the type of your business, and sometimes about what names are available.

In the end, the name is not as important as the quality and the optimization of the website and some other factors.

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