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Choosing a Web Host: Qualities that Constitute a Good Web Hosting company

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If you think that the wrong choice of the web hosting service provider does not have an adverse impact on your online business, think again. Loss of revenue, exposure to cyber-attacks and a negative impact on your SEO ranking are some of the bad things that can result from a poor choice of web host. If you don’t have a domain name yet, you can checkout Shopify and get a domains name registration that is safe and simple to use. 

There are hundreds of web hosts out there. Separating quality from hype might be seemingly unnerving especially if you have no idea of what a quality web host looks like. To make the decision process a little easier for you, here is a list of what you should look out for when choosing a web hosting company.

  • Price: You always get what you pay for

Bare minimum price gets you bare minimum service and support. Your website cannot afford to experience extended downtime, security breaches, limited bandwidth and storage space, little to no technical assistance and other setbacks that come with free or shared web hosting options. It may cost more upfront to subscribe to dedicated or managed hosting services, but the resulting perquisites make the investment worthwhile in the long run.

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Website performance is tied to web hosting services

Did you know that the largest contributing factor to your website’s performance is often your web host? Poor web hosting services result to poor site performance. A poorly performing website can do a lot of harm to your bottom line. It drives away customers through –

  • Poor loading time
  • Poor performance during high traffic periods
  • Frequent and extended down times

– Bandwidth and storage capacity offered by a web host

Storage and bandwidth are twins joined at the hip – a limitation of either result in an inconclusive site. Most host providers advertise unlimited bandwidth and storage space but only mention in the fine print that it is attached to certain conditions. Be wary of such companies. Always find out the exact bandwidth or disk space being offered.

Since you want your website to grow, it is advisable to get a web host offering around 20% more resources than you need.

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– Proper backup mechanisms and top-notch security if you are running an online store

Cyber security is a key concern where online business is concerned. Software bugs, hackers, and hard disk failures can result in the loss of sensitive information and money. This is why finding a web hosting company with a reliable backup system, and robust security should be one of your top priorities.

– Availability and superiority of the features offered by the agency

A quality web hosting company should have all the important features your site needs. Check to see how user-friendly and stable their control panel is, the number of subdomains they allow if they have scripting language support, whether they use a Windows or Linux hosting platform and other features that are relevant to your site.

Extra features might also be beneficial to your niche. These include email list building, online store, and forum and e-commerce setups.


– The reputation of a web hosting company matters

A good reputation usually means that a hosting company provides reliable services with minimal downtime, good user experience, and excellent customer service. There are several ways to assess a hosting company’s reputation. You can –

  • Read through authentic customer testimonials and reviews by third party rating websites
  • Check their search engine ranking. Good companies enjoy good search engine ranking
  • Check their downtime statistics and maintenance schedules

Web Hosting Tips

  • Do not buy your domain name from your host. They often charge a lot. You can always find cheap domains through domain registrars.
  • Perform a domain search availability or WHOIS for the domain name of the web hosting to verify their legitimacy.


A good web host offers a service that covers the overall needs of a website by effectively combining all the right qualities the website needs.




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